A bright idea to help her baby find his soother when he dropped it has turned into a worldwide business for an Meath mammy!

And although the Coronavirus has brought a temporary halt to the success story although it hasn’t seen the woman throw her dummy out of the pram.

Mother of three Jennifer May and her husband Stephen from Duleek , came up with the novel idea five years ago when they saw the upset losing his soother caused to their son Joey and  Stephen solved the problem by attaching the soother to a cuddly toy elephant!

From that was born the idea of Snuggle Soothers and now the Bourkes are exporting to fifteen different countries.

Jennifer said, ‘It was the simplest of ideas we figured out that it is far easier for a baby to find a big cuddly toy in his cot than a small soother, the soother is attached by velcro so the concept is perfectly safe.’

They  produce soothers and toys to order but this year has seen them receive some odd requests.

Jennifer revealed, ‘We have been asked for to make soothers attached to cuddly rats, now rats are not my idea of something you would cuddle up to but it is the Chinese year of the rat and some, but not all, of the orders have come from the Chinese community.

‘The Coronavirus has caused complications as our stock is manufactured in China and at the moment we have a lot of stuff in Hong Kong that can’t be transported over and the factory that makes the boxes for us in China is closed.

‘We  expect to be back in full swing next week and the whole thing came from the simplest of ideas.