Communties across Ireland are rallying to support more vulnerable people who are concerned and worried about Covid-19.

Dunderry GAA club has decided to launch a scheme to help older people in the parish.

After a meeting earlier this week, the club decided it wanted do something to ensure local people, who may feel isolated, get the help and support they need.

Locals can ring Flanagan’s shop in the heart of the village and place an order for supplies. Members of the club who are operating a roster will then collect it from the shop and drop the order off.

They leave the supplies at the door, maintaining minimal contact with members of the public to reduce the spread of the infection.

Secretary of the Club Paddy Darcy said they have been inundated with calls from club members offering to help.

“We really felt this was a way of giving back to people who have built the club over the years,” he said.

“It’s also our duty to check in with some of the more vulnerable members of our community to make sure they’re alright.

“We’d usually see them at a match on a Saturday and Sunday, but they might be isolated in a rural community right now.”

Teacher Shelagh McKenna is a member of the camogie club. It is also involved in the scheme.

“If this goes for a few weeks or months, it’s nice to have a lot of people on board to help,” she said.