In a bid to relieve the boredom we’ll hit you with ten questions daily, answers go up later today;


The headings tell you all you need to know;




1; What is the name of the pub in Fair City

A; McCoys


2; Who is the current manager of Drogheda United

A; Trims Tim Clancy


Not so easy;


3; Which Premier League club has no vowel in the first five letters of its name

A: Crystal Palace


4; From which English city did 70s band Slade come

A; Wolverhampton


5;By what name was the comedian John Eric Bartholomew better known

A; Eric Morecambe


6; Gary Lineker and John Lennon have the same middle name, what is it

A; Winston




7; Name the brewery that supplies the Queen Vic in EastEnders

A; Luxford and Copley


8; Name the local newspaper in Emmerdale

A:Hotton Courier


9;A character in Only fools and Horses had the same name as a well known football commentator, which one.

A:Alan Parry (Cassandra’s dad)


10; What was the name of the police station in the ITV hit show The Bill#

A; Sun Hill