A Navan woman, who missed the 2019 running of the London city marathon,because of injury, and missed out again after this years event was cancelled,eventually got to complete a 26 mile run on Sunday, even if she was confined to trekking just 2km from her house.


Eileen Sheehy, a sister of former Meath football manager Eamonn Barry, did the run in just over six hours to raise funds for Crumlin children’s hospital


She told Meath Live, ‘It was tough and I feel the aches today but I expected thatm the worst part was that I got absolutely drenched.


‘I am 59 years old and a great granny so time doesn’t matter to me it’s all about getting to the finish line.


‘I went home straight after and changed as there is no way I am risking falling ill at this time.


‘My  friend, Chel Cummins and her sons drove round with me for moral support and loads of neighbours came out and cheered me on


I was supported by my friend Chel Cummins and her two sons. Some of my running buddies from team PB ran with me for some laps and I was urged on by friends from Team PB Nd Navan that kind of support does actually spur you on to keep going and it was well worth it in the end.’