North Eastern Counties Football league secretary, Gerry Gorman, has admitted his league is ‘down thousands of euro’ due to their Navan headquarters being closed due to Covid 19.

Speaking exclusively to Meath Live he revealed, ‘We have certainly been hit in the pocket, our facility is geared towards the pitches being utilised on a rental basis by clubs and the closure has definitely been tough to deal with.

‘I am sure other sports bodies are feeling the pinch as well and while the lock down we have gone through as a country is essential it is frustrating, but correct, that it has gone on so long.

‘In fairness to our member clubs of course they want to get back playing but they all understand the reality of the situation.’

Despite the financial losses Gorman is of the opinion that there should be no rush back to on field activity.

‘It’s my personal opinion there should be no games played at all until a vaccine is found, I know people say that NECFL games don’t attract big crowds but at the same time players would be coming in contact on pitches and changing rooms, social isolation is  necessary at the moment and I have to say that on our Trim road grounds we’d find it difficult to ensure that was adhered to.

‘I’d be of that opinion about every level of football from the Premier League down, I understand that the financial implications of relegation from the Premier League are massive but I don’t like the way vested interest has taken over from basic common sense.

‘The virus had hardly left the laboratory in Wuhan before Karen Brady of West ham was in the papers saying the season should be cancelled and the relegation places decided on how the table stands right now, that is not a stance I would agree with.

‘The safety of everyone involved in the game should be the main priority and I’m not sure that it is.’


Gorman; Backs Delaney