Meath County Council is hoping to create a “snapshot in time” amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The local authority’s Library Section is looking for residents in the county to document their lives during the Covid-19 restrictions by submitting pictures and diary entries.

Climate Action Officer, Caroline Corrigan revealed “We are looking to document your Covid-19 life through photos, pictures and the written word. This can be how you now go about your daily business, your hobbies, what you are eating, how you are keeping fit.

“We are also interested in how you are connecting with nature and biodiversity, or if you are seeing your 2 and 5km in a new light, maybe getting to know the history of your area better? It can be anything as this is your experience, your story, your record of these times.

We do have some rules, you must maintain social distancing at all times and stay within your 5km radius from home. Additionally, if you are photographing nature then please do not take photos that may disturb it such as nesting birds or chicks.”