Duleek based Fianna Fail councillor Stephen Mckee, has told Meath Live that he is ,’ Genuinely angry’ over a calamitous cock up in Meath County Council that saw three women from the, east Meath, village receive letters, last week, from the council telling them they were to be allocated houses in The Maudlins estate, only to be sent letters this week telling them the original ones had been sent in error and that their application was unsuccessful.

One of the women, Eileen Andrews, who posted about the situation on social media, actually received a letter intended for her sister Evelyn who lives in a completely different area of Duleek.

She posted on Facebook blasting the mess the councill created, saying, ‘Meath County council have a lot to answer for, they have offered me a house last Wednesday, I sent back an acceptance letter , celebrated with my girls all week , only to be told yesterday that they have made a mistake ,that the letter wasn’t meant for me yet it was addressed to me.

‘The conversations I had to put up with today when I eventually got speaking to them was unbelievable, trying to avoid me and then attempts to cover their own backs , apparently my files went missing the lot.

‘I spoke with a girl from their office last Wednesday who had my file ,name and address and was delighted to tell me I was offered a 3 bed house ,even though I qualify for a 2 bed only. 

‘I had her confirm this twice to me , the amount of Meath county council staff that I’ve been passed from pillar to post by has me emotionally drained today , to be told it was a clerical error,and one conversation that I’d be offered a 3 bed in phase 2 because what I’ve been true to been told then by Brian Murphy their  manager that I wouldn’t, even though they have made a major mistake.

‘I’ve not yet had the heart to tell my girls what’s happening, but I’ve just been left to deal with this by myself ,to Meath county council I’m just a number, they don’t care less about  the mistake they have made which falls back on me and the girls,  to offer me a house and take it away so easily because one staff member made a mistake ,so I’ve no home and she still has a job?

‘They cannot treat people this way,it’s not human !! If there is any councillors or TDs out there that is in the position to help me I’d really appreciate if you got in touch with me!

‘I’d like my friends to share this in hope that somebody can help and make people aware of how very unprofessional Meath county council are.’

Irate Mckee said, ‘I am genuinely angry over this, I accept anyone can make a mistake, but to make the same error three times is not on, and i am aware of three occasions on which it happened, but there could well be even more.

‘I am calling on the council to apologise for their mistake and to prioritise these three people for housing, I can’t even begin to imagine how they must have sunk from elation to despair in such a short time, somebody has to be accountable and to be seen to be accountable for what happened.’

Meath County Council have yet to respond to questions on the issue.