Councillor Alan Lawes has taken to social media to reveal how a group of teenage tearaways coughed in the face of  an elderly lady in Johnstown’s Peoples Park over the weekend after she asked them to tone down the noise from a late night drinks party.

In a Facebook post he also highlighted the amount of rubbish left behind by the teenagers after a drink-fuelled party in the estate’s large green area.

On Sunday evening he posted  ‘Just look at the amount of bags of bottles and cans of beer our voluntary cleaners have taken out of Johnstown People’s Park this weekend already?

‘Right now we have more gangs of youths drinking in the park and making life miserable for everyone in Priory and Millbrook and surrounding areas.

‘Before anyone starts taking up for them I thought I might let you know that an old woman from Millbrook went over to them to ask them to keep it down the other night and was laughed at and all these idiots coughed at her.
‘So please can all of you, join me and ring the Gardai with me tonight and ask the Gardai and tell these youths to fuck off out of the park and go have their drinks at home like the rest of us. And the parents of these youths please check up on your kids because they are making other local people’s lives a misery. Navan Gardai 046 9036100.’
His post attracted 39 comments the vast majority backing his call, but unbelievably one poster accused him of being a Garda informer.
Jane Hargan, who appears to be from Dublin, replied, ‘Stop ratting on people please it’s hard enough on people stop snitching go talk to those young people wake up shame on you snitching.’