Duleek based councillor Stephen McKee has backed calls for Bettystiwn beach to be made a car free zone.

The Fianna Fail man told Meath Live, ‘ To me it makes sense, of course there would have to be exceptions, the elderly and those with disabled stickers would have to be permitted to bring cars on, but as a general rule I think a car free beach is a good idea.

‘I know people will say there are no car parking facilities available close by, but in actual fact there are, the big car parks at Funtasia, the old Bettystown Court hotel and Tesco are all within a reasonable walking distance, and while I understand that they are all owned by private businesses, I am sure if the council put their mind to it they could work out a deal with those companies.

‘I’ve holidayed in the west of Ireland for example where beaches around Achill are car free and if it can be done there why not here.

‘One of the primary reasons that Bettystown lost its blue flag was the fact there were so many cars on the beach, and I think any right minded person would love to see that flag restored.

‘It’s my opinion that if the council has a will they can find a way to do this, and I’d back any effort to do so, yes of course there would be problems involved but they wouldn’t be insurmountable ones.’