It has emerged that the ‘innocent bystander’ who is shown questioning Fine Gael councillor Paddy Meade on a video posted on Meade’s social media page yesterday is Conor Duff, the son of Emir Smith – Duff who along with her late father Liam has long been immersed in FG politics.

Local sources have told Meath Live that Smith – Duff was a part of the backroom team in current councillor Sharon Tolan’s election campaign, and has also worked for senior FG figure Mairead McGuinness

There is no suggestion that Tolan was aware Conor Duff was   intending to challenge Meade as the Lobinstown man took to a wheelchair to try and illustrate his opinion that Sharon Tolan’s motion to ban cars from Bettystown beach would impact badly on disabled people attempting to access the beach.

4m 56 secs into the video Meade crosses at some traffic lights and almost immediately Duff appears behind him dressed casually in a sweater and shorts and calls out ‘Paddy, Paddy.’

It seems as if he is a member of the public who just happened to come across what was going on,  and he then questions Meade repeatedly over his actions.

A lot of the conversation between the duo is drowned out by passing traffic but at one point Duff can clearly be heard to say, ‘Would it not be more logical to come up the pedestrian exit than come down this way’, then he asks, ‘Why are you going to the one the council doesn’t own and it furthest away.’

In total he is in shot walking behind Meade for roughly six minutes.

Efforts to contact Emir Smith – Duff and Conor Duff were unsuccessful, while Paddy Meade would only say, ‘I have been made aware who the chap is, I’m told his mother would be very active in Fine Gael.’

However one source did tell Meath Live, ‘I guess coincidences do happen, but it seems remarkable the lad was out for a Sunday stroll and just happened to bump into Paddy Meade making a video.’

The video can be seen here……………………………………………..