Aontu’s east Meath representative, Peter Whelan has called on Fianna Fail councillors to say publicly whether or not they support their party’s decision to form a government with Fine Gael and the Green party.

It emerged yesterday that 50 councillors nationwide had come together to voice their dissent on the proposal, and on of those said to be involved in this group was a Meath councillor.

Whelan told Meath Live, ‘it’s time for the FF councillors to break their silence, it’s clear there is a fair rump of councillors nationwide opposed to this and they all need to put their head over the parapet and say how they feel.

‘Fair play, Sean Drew and Noel french have had their say publicly, it’s time for others to follow suit.

‘The list published yesterday named fifty councillors, if you take it that all of those got around 1,000 votes in the recent local elections and that most of those votes came from members of Fianna Fail, that is a sizeable number of unhappy people.

‘the FF councillors in Meath need to clarify their position and do so now.’