Meath Live is reaching the Royal County diaspora!

We received this lovely Facebook message from Fergal O’Donovan Vancouver in Canada.

‘Hello from Vancouver! I hope all is well. , Fergal and Miriam O’Donovan here ,from Navan and Slane respectively,

We just want to say thank you and to let you know how much we enjoy your quiz nights.

Unfortunately we can’t join in on the ‘live session as we are at work, but we do ‘take part’ later on in the evening, our time. Thank you, it’s so much fun, and a lot of competition between myself and Miriam .’Fergal O'Donovan

The good news for the O’Donovan’s and the rest of our regular quizzers is that what was originally an idea to relieve the boredom of lock down is set to carry on.

We’ll be going regularly on Tuesdays and Thursdays around 8.15 or so.

If we get enough interest from Meath pople world wide we may even get up early nd do one just for them.

The again the words get up early and Meath Live really should not appear in the same story !