Fianna Fail councillor Tommy Reilly has claimed ‘The Greens would have us all living in tents’.


The veteran, and highly regarded, politician made the remarks at last weeks council meeting, and today told Meath Live he wasn’t backing away from them.


‘I made the comment in relation to the national development plan which for me spells the death knell for rural housing.


‘Basically the plan means that it will be even more difficult for a family who own land beside their home to get permission for a son or daughter to build on it, which clearly means less rural housing.


‘I understand that when Fine Gael launched the plan my own party backed it, I wasn’t keen on that at the time, in fact I made my views known, quite strongly, to a government minister back then, but the greens are the ones who are really forcing the issue now.


‘They’d have us living in tents is what I said and I stand by it.’