The good folk of Ashbourne have regularly elected Joe Bonner to represent them on Meath county council in recent times.


Some of them may even have had occasion to contact them by email and wondered why they might not have got a reply.


Well, we can now answer that particular question.


There are two Joe Bonners with very similar email addresses, Irish Joe has two numbers on Gmail email, and if you forget to include that in your missive then American Joe, a native of Washington DC will get it.


Meath Live became aware of this when we made that precise error recently and received the following reply from the man in the American capital.


‘You’ve got the wrong Joe Bonner.  I’m an Irish American living in the suburbs of Washington DC.  Good luck finding the right one and meeting your deadline.
All the best,
A follow up inquiry as to whether this happened on a regular basis got this response.

Your instincts are not wrong.   I get email intended for many Joe Bonners around the world and have gotten 1 or 2 intended for Councillor Bonner before, but nothing related to his official business. Sorry to disappoint you!
‘I’ve never met or corresponded with your Joe, but I sure feel I know all about him.
Stay well,
All together now, ‘Two Joe Bonners, there’s only two Joe Bonners!’#
As you can see though it’s easy to tell theThe other JoeAshbourne Joe difference.