One of Meath’s best known hotels, Kells Headfort Arms, was raided by cops after a 21st birthday party was held there last weekend and dozens of revellers were found to be on the premises something which is in breach of the lockdown laws that currently exist.

Today’s Sunday World reported that Olivia Duff, who runs the premises with brother Vincent, asked them not to publish the story, and subsequently refused to be quoted over the incident.

She refused to comment on whether money had changed hands for the drink that was consumed or on who admitted people to the venue.

It also claimed that Ms Duff received a call from Gardai after midnight advising her of what was going on and immediately traveled to the hotel to speak with officers.

She has privately told people that the hotel was not aware the party was going on and that she is co operating with a Garda investigation into the matter.

A Garda spokesperson told Meath Live, ‘ On June 13th 2020 gardai in Kells responded to reports of a gathering at a licenced premises.

‘Gardai took details of a number of people who were drinking inside, no arrests were made.’

Local sources told Meath Live, ‘The town is buzzing with this story all week, and what everybody wants to know is as the owners have said they were unaware of a party being held who let the people in.

‘The party could have gone under the radar but the sheer weight of numbers going into the place made it obvious to everyone that something was happening.

‘The garda stations not that far away either so they could hardly have failed to notice, it’s certainly embarrassing for all involved.’