Meath West TD Johnny Guirke has called for more ECAR charging points to be installed in parts of rural Ireland.
He told Meath Live ‘There are over 1100 charging points across the island of Ireland, but most of these can be found in large towns, cities, or along motorways.
‘My constituency has a large tourist industry, and most of the villages and towns don’t have public charging points, and having this facility would benefit not just the tourists passing through the area but many of my constituents who decide to change over to an electric car.
‘Driving electric cars is beneficial to our environment as they emit tailpipe greenhouse gas emissions which helps the overall quality of air. Government grants are widely available in the purchasing & registering of vehicles with most of the ECARS on the lower tax band.
‘There is a huge push for everyone to change over to electric cars as it lowers C02 emissions, and reduces noise and air pollution so I think it’s only natural that they install public charge points and fast charge points in villages and towns across Ireland.
‘Local areas that could benefit from this would be Oldcastle, Athboy, Drumone, Crossakiel, Longwood, Summerhill, Kildalkey, Ballivor, Raharney, Killucan and, Killallon.