This is the horrifying moment when a young child weeps in his mothers’ arms due to the foundations of his house shaking as a result of workers from Rybo construction erecting a huge fence around a piece of land on Ashbourne’s Millbourne estate for which they have been refused planning permission on four separate occasions.


A video posted on the Millbourne residents Association Facebook page shows a resident flanked by Collr  Joe Bonner speaking to two of the workers and ask them to stop.


Bonner appears to tell him the men have identified themselves as being there on behalf of Rybo construction but have refused to give them their names.


As a woman holding a sobbing child comes into the shot the man says, ‘We have asked them to stop as the house is shaking to its foundations, we have asked them to stop.’


Rybo construction has applied for planning permission to construct apartments on the green area but have been refused on numerous occasions.


Residents have regularly objected to the application as they say the green area is the only available space fr their children to play on.


The lads on behalf of Rybo are causing this young boy to be petrified. He is crying. We asked them to stop as their house is shaking😡😡😡

Posted by Millbourne Residents Association on Tuesday, 23 June 2020