A number of families hoping to move into new homes in south Meath, have been waiting for over a year due to Irish Waters lackadaisical approach to connecting their water systems.
Now Meath West TD Johnny Guirke is calling for Irish Water to expedite the process of water connections on the Moydervey Housing development in Longwood County Meath.
‘I have been inundated with calls from families who were offered homes in this development a year ago and they still have not moved into these houses.
‘I have visited the site myself to see thirteen beautiful homes empty and many families left wondering if they will ever see their dreams come true of having a home for their family.
‘Having recently spoken to THUA. the housing body who allocated the properties, I was shocked when they explained that they can’t do anything at the minute as they have agreed to purchase the thirteen houses from the developer and it was an issue from Irish Waters end.
‘Following on from this, I contacted Irish Water and they explained that they are waiting to finalize the last of the development before signing off.
‘I am calling on Irish Water today, to expedite the development work so these thirteen families can move in and get settled before schools restart. ‘