The Royal county looks set to have one senior Minister in the new cabinet.

Sources had originally told Meath Live that both Thomas Byrne and Helen McEntee would have major roles in the new government.

McEntee who has served as the Minister for European affairs is set to the prime job as Minister for Justice while it now appears that Byrne will miss out to Fg man Simon Harris as a super junior Minister with responsibility for Higher Education.

The Meath East Fianna Fail man was the party’s education spokesman in the confidence and supply arrangement that saw the last government through its term of office.

Well placed sources told us, ‘Thomas was seen as been deserving of a role as he went out to bat for the party, and did so very successfully, on a range of issues.

‘He came across as well briefed on education especially in the debate about whether or not the leaving cert should go ahead this year but unfortunately for him, there was a decision taken not to place two ministers in the same constituency, he was extremely unfortunate to miss out.’

The same sources added, ‘Helen McEntee benefited from two things, chiefly her exemplary performance in relation to Brexit and secondly the need for gender balance at cabinet, she is very much seen as a rising star within Fine Gael.’


The snub to Byrne has not gone down well within FF.#

One unnamed FF deputy told thejournal.i“One person most Fianna Fáil TDs are saying will not be happy is Thomas Byrne. Most are saying he was on top of his education brief and should have been given a nod.”