Up to 600 Volkswagen ID.3 electric cars may be sold in Ireland between September and the early part of next year, but supply for 2021 will be ‘lean and challenging’, writes Brian Byrne.

That’s the expectation by Volkswagen Ireland, as expressed at an online press event where details of the specification and pricing for the company’s first dedicated electric car were outlined.

There will be three versions of the ID.3 1st Edition, and deliveries of the car to those who have converted their initial bookings to firm orders will begin in September.

Range options will be 330km, 420km and 550km, with all 1st Edition versions in Ireland getting the 420km powertrain option as well as extra power, faster acceleration, and the ability to accept a faster recharging.

The 1st Edition prices begin at €33,625, with the 1st Plus clocking in at €40,595, and the 1st Max at €47,545. Standard features across the range include navigation with streaming and internet, adaptive cruise control, and LED lights front and rear. The Plus gets LED Matrix light at the front and configurable rear lights as well as rear view camera and 19-inch alloys. Among the extras for the Max are a fixed panoramic roof, electric front seats with massage, and 20-inch alloys.

Finance options for the ID.3 include the usual HP, PCP and Operational Lease, but there’s an additional ID Plan which operates closer to contract operational lease than the private PCP.

A We Charge holistic electricity charging plan will integrate a dedicated app, home charging, and public charging through the Ionity/ESB/eCars charging points. The system includes maps and journey planning facilities, location and status of charge points, and the home wallboxes.

Three charging plans are offered, providing different tariff, matched to different kinds of usage.

Three different Wallboxes are available at installed prices from €1,155-€1,629. The mid-range offers ‘smart’ interaction, the most expensive a higher charging rate with 3-phase electricity.

Three levels of service packages for monthly fees of €12, €15, or €18 a month offer graded levels of maintenance, the top one including brake pads, wiper blades and tyres.

Volkswagen Ireland claims that when the prices are adjusted for specification differences and range, the ID.3 offers significant price advantages over key competitors Tesla Model 3, Nissan’s Leaf, and Hyundai’s Kona.