The leader of Aontu, Peadar Toibin, has blasted the former Employment Affairs and Social Protection Minister, Regina Doherty, over what he called ‘her double standards.

He claimed, ‘Regina hammered the Seanad just a few years ago when she campaigned for its closure, she actually said back then that ‘the current Seanad is not fit for purpose’ and followed up with, ‘I believe the Seanad has proven itself to be incapable of reform.’

‘Interestingly she also stated ‘the Taoiseach of the day gets to nominate eleven Senators; a move which is usually used to guarantee a government majority’.

‘Yet now when Regina’s personal circumstance has changed and she failed to win a Dáil seat. She now has now taken advantage of the Seanad in exactly the same manner she gave out about it being used in just a few years ago.

‘We now have the bizarre situation where the Leader of the Seanad believes that the Seanad is beyond repair.

‘Its clear that Regina Doherty has not had a road to Damascus conversion on the Seanad. She is part of a political class in Ireland that simply says what it needs to say to keep their position.

‘I agree with her the Seanad is undemocratic. It has a tiny electorate of less than 1% of the population. It is used by the main political parties as a retirement home for politicians on the way out or to profile new candidates.

‘Is it too much to ask though that the leader of the lower house actually stands by their beliefs and stops flip flopping to suit their own agenda.’