Aontú Leader & Meath West TD Peadar Tóibín has expressed concern over the single household applicants on the Meath County Council Housing Waiting Lists, and the ability of the council and government to meet the demand.

 Tóibín old Meath Live The Council is still processing applications from as long ago as 2005. There is a 15 year backlog in the processing of housing applications of single bed applicants. Properties to be constructed to meet the demand won’t be completed till at least 2022. This means some applicants could be waiting over 17 years for allocation. You could apply for a house in Meath at 48 years of age and be a pensioner before it comes through. Single bed applicants are swallowed up by the system and forgotten about.”

Furthermore, the HAP rate for single-bed applicants is €690 – but this is totally inadequate. Properties for single bed applicants in Navan start at €950 in many instances and often are a lot more. In this instance, HAP applicants are expected to pay the landlords the balance which many are simply not in the position to do. Single bed applicants are forced to look further and further out to find anything affordable but then must be able to finance the running of a car. In one instance, a man whose grown up and lived in Meath has had to move to the West of Ireland to ensure that his HAP allocation covers his rent.”

Governments for the last 20 years have had an appalling record on the construction of social housing. There are simply too many people on housing waiting lists in Meath and across the country – this government must step and build more houses to ensure that everyone’s right to a roof over their head to call their own is fulfilled.”