Meath’s, All Ireland football final referee, David Gough, has some new found friends in the Kingdom, and the Slane whistler has taken to social media to express his thanks for their backing of his decision to opt out of taking charge of games until a vaccine for Covid19 has been found.


Prior to last year’s decider between Dublin and Kerry, a number of fans of the Kerry side attempted to subtly pile pressure on Gough over the fact he lives and works in Dublin.


Now however a columnist in this week’s edition of the Kerryman paper has backed Goughs’ decision to step aside temporarily.


They write, ‘David Gough to give him his due has been consistent on this, he said months ago he’d likely not feel comfortable to return to refereeing in the absence of a vaccine and he has held true to that conviction.’


The full article can be found here;


Gough responded on twitter when he tweeted, ‘

David Gough
A close friend in Kerry just sent me this. I know not many will share my views, and that’s ok. I both understand and accept that. However

thank you for your words of support.

9 July 2017; Referee David Gough during the Connacht GAA Football Senior Championship Final match between Galway and Roscommon at Pearse Stadium in Galway. Photo by Ramsey Cardy/Sportsfile