Motorists and the community of travellers on the roads have come back to the new normal in  our Covid -19 time.

Not only do we now have to spend extra time queuing in shops and malls but you can find yourself spending journey times  up to 60 to 7o minutes getting from one side of town to the other.

The simple task of going up Flower Hill to a business in Navan and then across town to Railway street drew much frustration.

‘Why would I come back into town if it’s going to like this !’ this disgruntled resident of the town said.

‘It was easier to go to Slane ,Drogheda or Ashbourne ,the time I wasted’

Traffic congestion  in the town of Navan continues its march forward under the 2030

Development Plan.

It is sure to be a big talking point at the next Navan Municipal  when they next meet.

Mayor Frances Deane will have his work cut out.

We will keep you updated or feel free to contact us with your travel tales.