Ireland’s leading classical guitarist, Navan  man, Pat Coldrick,  has joined the Bogey Boys front man Jimmy Smyth, in slamming Social Affairs minister Heather Humphreys over her statement that those on the Pandemic Unemployment Payment, (PUP), should get another job.

Coldrick posted on his Facebook account, ‘As an artist and professional musician in Ireland, I felt compelled to add my name to this article and express my opinions relating to an ex-minister of Arts very disappointing statement that was made recently.

‘There is a time when you need to stand up and speak out.

‘It was an insult to our profession that a suggestion made by the Minister because of our industry suffering was for us to go and get a different job!!

‘This is our job!! It is a profound misunderstanding of the arts. This is not a ‘hobby’ for us, it is our jobs and livelihoods and we have passionately worked honing our craft for many years and continue to do so!

‘This is a time we need help, commitment, and assurance from our Government, for them to realise the importance over the years of Irelands contribution to the arts worldwide and the cultural connection the arts have to our nation.’

His comments were liked by many of the top names in Irish music including Paul Brady