The heartbroken uncle of Navan woman, Elizabeth Clarke, who has been missing for just over eight years, has admitted to Meath Live, ‘I know in my heart she is dead, I’ve believed that from the start.’

Devastated Anto Clarke, said, ‘The hardest part is that we don’t have a body to bury, my mother, Lena, is 82 years old and she wants this solved before she goes to her grave, she reared Elizabeth.

‘I have a niece and a nephew, Ishea and Benjamin, Elizabeth’s kids, who wouldn’t recognise me if I walked into where they are living.

‘Not that I can do that anyway as the courts have ruled our family cannot have access to them in case it causes them upset.

‘But they are growing up now and if the day comes they want to ask us what their Mum was like we’ll tell them, they are ten and eight now and soon enough they will be asking questions about their mother and what happened to her.’

Anto is also of the opinion that, despite the best efforts of the guards, the riddle of his niece’s disappearance will never be solved.

‘She was gone eight years last month, and things move on, the original Garda Liaison Officer for our family has transferred and we haven’t spoken to the new one as of yet.

‘The detective who led the inquiry has moved to Ashbourne so I assume he has new priorities, I don’t blame the guards at all they have given it their best shot, but do I think this will ever be solved?, honestly no I don’t.

‘Maybe in the years ahead it could be one of those cold cases you hear about where everything is revisited, but unless someone breaks the code of silence surrounding it I can’t see it being solved now.’

Elizabeth lived on Navan’s Claremont estate with her two children and her ex-partner Kevin Stanley, in his family home.

The Stanleys have always said she moved out after splitting with Kevin.

Anto Clarke

She was reported missing in 2015 by her estranged family.