Navan councillor Alan Lawes, whose career is in the health sector has told Meath Live that he would plead with people to wear  a face mask in public spaces.

He said, ‘I know Kildare Laois and Offaly are in the headlines for a rise in cases of the coronavirus but only yesterday I heard of two confirmed cases here in Navan.

‘As a health care worker I know lots of people personally who have got the virus. I was only talking to one of my cousins in England this morning about how this virus has left a lot of people who got it with major health issues, leading some that we know to have strokes short term memory loss shortness of breath and lung damage and even hair loss.


‘I know of one 31 one year old mother of two who was left suffering two mini strokes after recovering from the virus suggesting damage to her heart.

‘While I appreciate wearing a mask is uncomfortable anti-social and goes against human nature, at the same time when you consider the consequences of not only the risk of death but the risk of permanently damaging your health, wearing a mask when you can’t socially distance is very little to ask.

‘Unfortunately the Government advised against the wearing of masks at the start of the lockdown which didn’t help. But right now I would think the best thing to do is wear one in confined spaces’.