Long serving NEFL secretary, Gerry Gorman, has told Meath Live he is satisfied with the outcome of yesterdays emergency meeting of the FAI council to discuss ongoing issues, relating to the threat of government funding been withdrawn should the governing body not implement criteria laid down by former Sports Minister Shane Ross.


Gorman said, ‘ First off I have to compliment chairman Roy Barrett, he, and the rest of the top table came in for a lot of stick from delegates over what they had agreed with the government, but Barrett handled it well and answered nearly all queries in a reasonable manner.


‘I get the impression he is in this for the love of football, he’s a successful businessman who probably didn’t need the hassle this has brought, he could been off playing golf yesterday if he wanted to but he chooses to try and help out so you would have to respect him for that.


‘I put forward a suggestion from the floor in relation to the constitution of the board which as it stands has six non council members and six from council with the chairman, Barrett, having any casting vote required.


‘I asked if instead of the chairman having the casting vote was it possible the FAI president, who inevitably has a football background, could have it and Iw as told that could be done, so let’s see where that one goes.


‘Overall I would say I was satisfied with the outcome of the meeting, there’s plenty of issues still to be resolved but everyone involved wants to resolve them, that was what I took from yesterday.’Gorman; Backs Delaney