A brave Meath mum who has fought and beaten cancer, and is now stricken with the Coronavirus has opened her heart to Meath Live.

Blathnaid, (Not her real name), is a forty two year old mother of two and she revealed that harsh reality of living with the virus.

She told us, ‘ I had ovarian cancer in 2019, and then in November of that year, the Covid symptoms started to appear.

‘I was told I had a virus, an ordinary one not the Covid one, but the symptoms got worse and in march this year I tested positive,

‘In many ways, it was worse than cancer, certainly more frightening, new symptoms appeared every day and I didn’t quite get what was happening to me.’

Social media then intervened to play a crucial role in Blathnaid’s fight.

‘I found a Facebook page called Covid -19 long haulers and suddenly realised I was not the only one going through this.

‘If you want to know what I was going through try this for a list, Vertigo, Tinnitus, fatigue muscle weakness, neuro symptoms including numbness in my fingers tingling sensations in my face and mouth, extreme anxiety, shortness of breath, fever chills, headache, throat pain , swollen glands, thyroid issues, hair loss, gastrointestinal issues, a general feeling of unwell, those are the symptoms that persisted over six to seven months and some are still lingering.

Day to day life is just that day to day I’m still having symptoms and some days are a struggle but I’m determined to fight this virus and come out the other side.

‘I have two great kids and only for them, my husband and family I would not have come through this as I was barely able to look after myself when this virus hit . It really brought me to my knees.

‘Now almost nine months on no you probably couldn’t tell I am ill by looking at me but in the beginning, you could for sure.

‘My normally rosy cheeks were pale as a ghost the longterm effects for me is daily fatigue my normal routine leaves me very tired and having to nap through the day,

‘My hair has fallen out and still doing so .. I have constant tinnitus, I’ve heard all the jokes about how you stop the ringing in your ears……………………..answer the phone, and vertigo also Gasto issues still remain and shortness of breath comes and goes.

‘Am I scared of dying, well nobody wants to die I can’t say I’m afraid of it we all have to go at some stage but I’d like to stick around for another while.

‘I would just like to say to those that doubt this virus or think it’s just the flu to think again this virus is very real and having horrible long term side effects on those that have made it through.

‘You may be fit and healthy but there are plenty young and old that have compromised immune systems and being flippant about the virus is putting lives at risk .