Residents in Ashbourne’s Deerpark estate are telling the local tennis club to ‘Leaf it out’ in a bizarre row over a tree!

The tennis club has leased lands for their games from the local community centre but has faced problems with a tree that overhangs one of their soon to be completed courts.

And it wasn’t a case of love all when they attempted to cut down a tree as Nichola O’Hanlon revealed in a Facebook post.

She sent out a plea for help saying, ‘I need your support. We all know how vulnerable life is without the support of others.

‘Today I am looking for support in saving our beautiful community park tree..Its the only free standing tree in the park.

‘It will border the new tennis court and they are planning to take it down.It was coming down today but I got it stopped.

‘The community council and the Tennis club obviously had discussions about the tree but they left out the community. Its a community park and the tree belongs to the community!!and we have a right to keep it there.

‘It would take minor adjustment on the tennis clubs’ behalf for the tree to remain so I am asking your support to help let the tree stay and live.

‘I have used that park every day since covid 19 outbreak and The park was enjoyed by so many families and individuals in lockdown and to this day.

‘We have already been robbed of the trees that surrounded the new houses. They were cut down in the night and never replaced.

‘As I approached the men another lady Maria was there in shock as she sits under it everyday to read her book and was on her way to do just that. I really hope you guys will get behind me and protect “our vulnerable” tree.

‘It would be devastating to see it gone and not a great start for the tennis club.This is in no way a personal thing in regards to the club I just hope the can see how it will actually enhance their courts and gain the support of the community by doing the right thing .’

It is not known if the tree is question is an ‘Arthur’ Ashe tree but the net result is that nobody appears to have the advantage at all, and despite allegations flying left right and centre nobody has been accused of taking a backhander.

Independent councillor Joe Bonner has suggested a way of breaking the current impasse.

He told Meath Live, ‘The tennis club has to enter into dialogue with the community, sit down and talk and resolve it.’

Ashbourne tennis club has not responded to a request for a comment.