‘There’s never a right time to go into business.’

So says Sinead Kavanagh, the owner of Trim’s newest boutique, La Belle Vie (The Good Life), on Emmett Street.

And while the thirty something Dubliner may have a point surely there was a better time to open than in the middle of a pandemic and the teeth of a recession.

Kavanagh says otherwise, telling Meath Live, ‘I have nineteen years experience in retail and in some ways the decision was made for me.

‘It was always a dream to run my own shop,


Working full time for a company then the Covid situation hit and was told they would let me know the following week whether I’d still have a job or not.

‘I went home that evening and made my mind up to take the leap.

‘I choose the name because I just felt people had enough of feeling depressed and down and worried and they needed to know there was still a good life out there.

‘I’m from Clontarf originally and had my fill of the fast pace of life in Dublin so decided to move to Trim a few years ago and fell in love with the town,

Nearly two decades working in the retail sector has given Sinead an intimate knowledge of how to deal with people, and she says that while ultimately the customer is always right there are times that customer needs advice and a guiding hand.

‘It’s all about pointing people in the right direction most people who come in will have a fairly vague idea of what they want, and they may need a few pointers, but it boils down to providing them with what they want, and making them feel happier leaving the shop than they were when they came in.’

It’s not only the customers who will benefit from Sinead’s efforts though.

‘I’ll be buying from Irish suppliers, and will be stocking a range of locally sourced crafts as well.

‘Am I nervous? Honestly no, you shouldn’t be nervous when you know what you are doing, but I am excited its whole new adventure.’

There’s no doubt that excitement that will be felt in equal measure by Trim shoppers who venture into La Belle Vie Boutique.