We don’t know what they put in the water out Duleek way, well we do but we don’t want to put you off your dinner!, but whatever it is, Senator Sharon Keogan has been drinking plenty of it in recent days.


They say it’s hard to keep a good woman down and certainly, Keogan proved that point last Sunday.


That morning she posted on her Facebook page , ‘ I’m currently eating tablets because of my arthritis, the sun is the only thing gives me relief, I wouldn’t go away on a plane at this time as i would be too afraid of picking up the virus.’


It brought a tear to Meath Lives eye, so later that day we decided to post a comment sympathising with the poor Senator, after all, arthritis prevents you from doing a lot of things.


You know the type of thing we mean, sporty stuff, running, jumping, er maybe even rock climbing, all of which if they can be done at all have to be done by going through the pain barrier.


Which on our second visit to her page is, we discovered, precisely what the Senator had done later that very day when we unearthed this video clip of her scaling the heights at Carlingford’s Skypark.




In fairness, she probably dared to do it by the local kids she had brought on a day out, but to a woman who usually has her feet firmly on the ground we say a big BRAVO and well done.

Meath Live got Vertigo just watching the Senator scramble skyward!