The leader of the Senate, and former Meath East TD, Regina Doherty, has hit out at the fact that a key witness in the Garda Adrian Donohue murder trial sought the counsel of former SF leader Gerry Adama before opting to give his evidence.


She took to social media   and tweeted

Regina Doherty

Let this sink in – imagine our justice system under Sinn Fein.
Sinn Féin witness consulted party over Aaron Brady case before speaking to garda via

She then added,

Regina Doherty

The fact he felt he had to ask ‘permission’ tells you all you need to know #culture
Typically on Twitter the riposte wasn’t long arriving with a user called Eoin Pol tweeting

Eoin Pól Ó Callaghan

Replying to


A key witness gave crucial evidence to the investigating Gardaí which was crucial to the murderer been brought to justice – let that sink in Regina

Doomed ?

DOHERTY; May struggle