The good news today we have no reported deaths at today’s media briefing but 92 cases reported nationwide. In total to 24/08/2020 28,201 cases with 1,777 deaths.

When you put in perspective that is nearly the whole of the population of the town of Navan,it gives you an indication of what the numbers actually mean.

They are not numbers they are people who have lived and worked with their families, friends and communities that are gone forever more on this earth.

We sometimes dismiss these figures we hear on radio read about or see on the t.v.

We have also been bombarded with the fallout of the golfgate escapades of the high and mighty of society who in all honesty should have known better.

There is  an old adage ‘even the dogs on the street’ would have coped on and realised the whole thing stank!

The only good thing that is  coming out of all of this with today’s multimedia platforms news is instant and there is no hiding place for stupidity.

The figures will be announced each day at the daily Covid-19 briefings and maybe the 82 infamous characters should make themselves available and proclaim the error of their ways.

The Covid-19 virus will eventually be tackled,we will have a vaccine,we will prevail but lets not treat the individuals as statistics they are our people ,our nation and we should absolute respect for them here and across the world.