by Amber Baxter

‘A Better Life For Livie’ has surpassed its target on Olivia Mulhern’s first birthday.

Olivia was born on the 26th August 2019 and was shortly thereafter diagnosed with the serious genetic neuromuscular condition called spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) type 1.

There is no cure for SMA type 1 and without any treatment, Olivia’s condition would continue to deteriorate meaning it would be unlikely that she would live past her 2nd birthday.

Olivia’s parents Karen and Keith started the fundraiser to raise money for Olivia’s treatment.

“We are fundraising for Zolgensma because we could never afford to pay for this treatment by ourselves. Our dream for Livie is to give her the best chance at life possible. Zolgensma is our best hope to do this. If we are unable to raise enough funds to pay for little Livie’s treatment, we will put all donations towards Livie’s care with the hope of giving her the most comfortable and happy life possible”, it says on the GoFundMe page.

However today on Olivia’s first birthday, the goal of one million euro has been passed with 30.8 thousand donations. Currently standing at €1,011,210, this money will allow for Olivia to be treated with a once-off gene therapy called Zolgensma, which is currently only available in the USA. Zolgensma costs approximately US$2,100,000.

The couple say, “Livie brings such joy and happiness to our lives every day and her smile can brighten the whole room even on the rainiest Irish day”.