by Bronagh Loughlin


East Meath Fine Gael Councillor Sharon Tolan took to social media yesterday to express her sadness and anger toward a dog abuse case in Drogheda.

This was after Drogheda Animal Rescue (DAR) posted on their Facebook page that they received a call around 9 a.m that morning from a local vet that a dog was found collapsed in Marian Park in Drogheda by one of her clients.

The female Schih Tziu was in horrific condition. It was so bad that all staff were upset and horrified by the degree of neglect and deliberately inflicted injuries that this poor dog suffered.

The dog is currently in the care of DAR and will need a huge amount of veterinarian care. The found dog is emaciated, her fur is extremely matted and she was soaked in urine.

She has a heavy flea infestation and fly eggs were found in her fur. She has an open wound on the left of the jugular grove and the tip of her right ear was cut off.

The dog has severe anaemia, her eyes are sunken in and she is most likely blind. Her protein levels are severely depressed and she has no microchip or collar ID.

Tolan took to Facebook to express the anger and sadness she felt after reading a post by Drogheda Animal Rescue (DAR).

She wrote, “this poor little girl was found in Drogheda this morning! Who does this? What kind of monster inflicts this kind of pain and neglect on another living being? I’m so distraught and upset to be angry”.

Sharon told Meath Live ““I was just so shocked by the photos I saw on the DAR Facebook post. It broke my heart to think how anyone could treat a poor defenceless animal this way. She’s so tiny and if she’s anything like my own little dog, or indeed my sister’s shitzhu,

I’m sure she’s full of love and loyalty. I really hope they find the sick individual that did this, and I hope she recovers and finds the loving home and family every pet deserves. I’m so delighted to see donations rise above €5000 and I hope this helps the team in DAR and Allpets help her and other neglected animals.”