by Gerry Hand


It’s the GAA version of the popular You Are The Ref soccer series.

Except this one comes with a twist.

Last years All ireland football final referee, David Gough from Slane, has started fielding questions related to the rules of the game on his twitter feed @goughd4

He told Meath Live, ‘I won’t be commenting on any refereeing decision, I wouldn’t be presumptious enough, all I’ll do is quote the rules covering an incident and people can make up their own minds.

‘It started off with I think one question that I answered and now it’s keeping me busy.’

And as you might imagine there have been some right posers to the ref who is using #AskGoughy to reply.

One recent puzzler asked, ‘If a player strikes an opponent as the ball come into the square, then the same player catches the ball and passes to a colleague who scores a goal, then the umpire calls in the ref and that player is sent off for striking, should the goal be allowed to stand?’

Even the top level whistler struggled with that one, replying, Ok this is a really tasty #AskGoughy & I don’t have a definite answer unfortunately as the rules don’t give the correct protocol for this. Another reason why they need to be easier to read, understand and implement. But I’ve given two likely outcomes .

Goughs answers can be seen here…………………….