by Gerry Hand

Ashbourne based councillor, Joe Boner, has blasted one of Dublin’s leading hospitals over what he says is an outrageous charge for patients who are being forced to pay €275 for Personal Protective Equipment, (PPE), when being treated there.

An angry Bonner told Meath Live, ‘I was out earlier this week, distributing leaflets about an upcoming recycling event I am holding when a woman asked me for a quiet word.

‘What she told me shocked me to the core.

‘Her eleven year old son was to have a minor procedure done, that would last maybe half a day, in the Mater hospital today (September 4th) and when they contacted the hospital about arrangements they were made aware of this charge and it seems private health insurers don’t cover this cost.

‘This is a fairly straightforward procedure that would take around half a day, max, and it is outrageous that the family, in which incidentally both parents are front line workers, should be charged this.

‘I’m not sure exactly what they will give the child that would justify that cost, surely if he has his own face mask, which by now most of us have, the most they could give him would be a disposable gown, it’s an absolutely outrageous charge.’

A Mater Hospital spokesperson claimed, ‘We are currently charging €275 for an inpatient day procedure, and €75 for a diagnostics outpatient test.

‘This is necessary to protect patients and staff.

‘The extra public safety measures we have had to put in place are hugely expensive’.