by Bronagh Loughlin


We reported here a few days ago about the dangers to humans from large jellyfish, known as Lions Mane, which have turned up on Bettystown beach


Now it appears our four legged friends have fallen foul of the beach invaders.


Fine Gael Councillor Sharon Tolan has received many reports of very sick dogs following contact with the dangerous jellyfish.


The East Meath Councillor took to Facebook to put out a warning for people who walk their dogs on Bettystown beach, urging them to be extra careful.


She posted, “Folks, if you are walking your dogs on our beaches, please be very careful of jellyfish. I am receiving a lot of reports of very sick dogs, following contact with jellyfish on the beach! Hope they’re all on the mend and feeling well again very soon”.


Tolan then quoted from one report she had received about a dog being stung,  “My sisters beautiful 10-month-old dog was stung an hour ago at the Laytown end. She became violently ill within 5 minutes to the point we had to keep pressing her stomach to help her get sick.


“She started choking. We turned her upside down to keep her awake. After getting sick 4 more times on the beach, we rushed her to the vets and she is currently having lots of medication and has had to have further medication to reduce her heart rate. The vet said she was in anaphylactic shock. Praying she will be ok”.


The clearly concerned councillor then urges people to be very careful, “It’s really quite dangerous to touch these jellyfish or for dogs to lick them in any way so it is important that people are very very careful and mindful if they do have their dogs off their leads or indeed if their children are playing, they should not touch these jellyfish while on the sand”.