by Bronagh Loughlin


Senator Sharon Keogan from Duleek has organised free counselling services for children who are experiencing anxiety or stress about returning to school.

The service is completely free and there is availability for five children to attend in the next four weeks.

The service will be entirely confidential with no judgement. It will be about supporting the children who are feeling anxious or stressed about returning to school or who are unable to return to school.

Keogan says that if any parents feel their child needs counselling then they should avail of the service.

Sharon says, “I have engaged with a child psychologist and I am going to make time available next Tuesday for one hour from 6pm to 7pm for five children who have been affected by stress, anxiety or something that is giving them fear and making them feel that they cannot return to school at this moment. If they are aged between 10 and 12, please ring my office and book them in”.

“I know what it’s like for a child waiting for an appointment so I want to be able to give this and it’s free so parents don’t need to worry about it and please God we will be able to get your children back to enjoying life and being able to be children”.