Lismullen National school has failed to respond to questions from Meath Live about a confirmed case of Covid-19 that was established earlier this week.

Anxious parents received the following text message some days ago, ‘ Attention, Covid 19 case confirmed in your child’s class. As a close contact your child must 1 Stay at home 2 Don’t go to school. HSE letter to follow later.

One concerned parent told Meath Live, ‘ The message doesn’t make much sense, the two points made are the saying the same thing.

‘Also a number of us have two or more children attending the school so we have been frantically ringing them to see which child was involved.

‘To say it hasn’t been handled well, even allowing for the correct protocol being followed, is an understatement.’

Meath Live sent a number of questions to the school on Thursday but has received no reply.

A HSE spokeswoman said, ‘ When a case of Covid-19 is identified which is linked to an educational facility, Public Health professionals discuss directly with the case, or family as appropriate, and asks them about their contacts.

‘Public Health professionals will also discuss directly with the educational facility, undertaking a public health risk assessment.

‘Recommended measures, including exclusions of other pupils or staff members are made at this point.

.Responses and recommendations for each facility may well differ, depending on the circumstances identified by public health’.