Despite today’s confirmation that so called, ‘wet’ pubs can open, under restriction, from Monday next, the rules governing reopening have proved too strict for one popular rural pub.

McKeever’s of Beauparc have announced via social media that there doors will remain shut for the rest of the year, as they feel the premises is too small to meet social distancing requirements.

They posted; Avril Mckeever


Important notice 😭🙏🏻❤️
Dear all our customers and friends it’s with the most heavy heart I have to say this but due to Covid-19 we will not be reopening our pub in 2020 but I will tell you one thing we will be open for 2021. I’m so sorry and I hope you all understand but we are too small of a pub to open with all these restrictions it would not be fair we would only be allowed a selected few and it would break our hearts because we would have to refuse a lot and it would not be fair not to have all our reliables in so it was a hard decision to make but if anything changes from October to December and the restrictions goes out the window we will surely look into it to reopen thank yous all for everything…I thought 2020 we would all get everything we ever wanted but we ended up appreciating everyone and everything we have here’s to 2021 we love you all ❤️