East Meath Councillor Sharon Tolan has revealed that Bettystown beach will remain a car free zone until next March.

Tolan, a Fine Gael councillor, attended a recent meeting of the Environment SPC where they made the decision to extend the ban on vehicles accessing the beaches in Meath.

The current provision of parking for those with disabilities and the elderly will remain in place to the right of the Bettystown entrance.

This decision will be reviewed again in March 2021 with the hopes that the Council will have a number of parking solutions advanced for the Bettystown beach visitors.

Tolan said, “I have always been open and honest about my support for car free beaches and I will continue to keep the pressure on the Council to deliver more parking solutions before next summer.

“A lot was discussed, there are a lot of possible solutions on the table for extra car parking spaces.

“The council is really working hard to find permanent parking solutions for those of us who want to access the beach.

“I think that when you visited the beach over the summer months, to see the difference without the cars was just phenomenal. I think a lot of people finally got to use the beach for the purpose that it was. Not as a car park but they got to use it as a beach with their families in safety. That’s really important and that is why I supported the removal of cars accessing the beach.

“I will be keeping the pressure on to work on those parking solutions and hopefully, they will be in place before the summer season next year. In the meantime, enjoy the beach, socially distance as much as possible, It’s a great space to get your exercise in and keep the head clear”.