‘Make Way Day’ is a National Public Awareness Campaign to highlight the issues people with disabilities face getting around their local communities. “Hey, this blocks my way!” is the message for 2020.

In previous years local disability groups have hit the streets of Meath for #MakeWayDay to remind people to make way on our streets for those less able. This Friday, September 25th, Make Way Day is going virtual.

Meath County Council is asking drivers not to park on footpaths, not to block paths with bins or carelessly park bikes on the street. While the space might look large enough to get by, an average wheelchair user needs a clearance of one metre to pass a car, bike or wheelie bin.

Eugene Farrelly, Access Officer Meath County Council said “each year the council has fully supported this campaign. This year we have placed advertisements in local and national newspapers promoting Make Way Day. Similar notices are being published on Meath County Council’s Social Media channels and on the website.

An important additional measure for 2020 is the advising of five Waste Permit Holders in the county that they should be aware of September 25th as Make Way Day and assist by requesting their bin collectors to place bins neatly against the customer’s front wall or fence once the bin has been emptied on that day.”

Cllr. Francis Deane, Mayor of Navan added “Just remember what may appear a minor issue for a fully able person can be a severe obstacle in the path of a person with a disability. People with disabilities have the same right to use and enjoy public spaces that we all share.

By making small changes we can all make a big difference to the lives of our fellow citizens. We need to acknowledge the obstacles that people with disabilities face in their daily lives, with a little awareness and some thoughtfulness we can make a massive difference.”