Ashbourne councillor Joe Bonner has hit out at the Green party claiming, ‘They complain about animals being trapped in Leinster House and yet seem to be fine with a planning decision that sees hundreds of children trapped in their homes with nowhere to play.’

Bonners anger comes after it emerged yesterday that The Green Party has asked Leinster House authorities to address the issue of birds and other animals becoming trapped in an enclosed courtyard in the complex.

A letter on behalf of the Greens’ parliamentary party cites the case of ‘Melania the Squirrel’ as well as a baby magpie that died after becoming trapped.

In reference to the decision of An Bord Pleanala to allow a developer build apartments on the only green space available for children to play on in the Millbourne housing estate in the town, Bonner blasted, ‘ Eamon Ryan and his buddies prioritise a squirrels problem over a serious issue for hundred’s of kids, well to continue with the squirrel analogy that’s nuts!

‘I know Eamon is minister for the Enviroment and I’m all for animal rights but come on which needs to be regarded more seriously.

‘As far as I am aware Ryan has never commented on the scandalous decision over Millbourne yet he and his party colleagues hit the headlines over this.

‘You know the old saying when you see a magpie, ‘one for sorrow, and I am sorry that one magpie died but I am even sorrier at what’s happened to the children of Millbourne.’Ashbourne Joe