Car blimey mate!
An unlucky female motorist had an expensive breakfast yesterday morning when her car rolled down one of the country’s busiest, and most dangerous, roads before taking out an ESB pole and leaving live wires splayed across a village street.
The bizarre incident happened in the rock and roll capital of Ireland, Slane , around ten o clock on Sunday morning as the driver went into a local shop to buy her breakfast.
Speaking later the red faced driver, who didn’t want to be named, claimed she was at a loss to understand what had happened.
‘I knew I put the handbrake on and when I went down to check afterwards I was right the handbrake was fully on, I haven’t a clue how it happened the back of the car is fairly damaged so I guess I have just bought the most expensive breakfast roll ever’.
One eye witness suggested a possible explanation.
‘I was driving down through the village just behind a forty foot truck I think the reverberations as the truck passed the car may have caused it to roll, I saw the whole thing like it was in slow motion.
‘It was a miracle the pole never came down on a car, or worse on a pedestrian.
‘This is the N2 one of the busiest roads in the country so it was lucky enough that it was on a quiet Sunday morning this happened.’
Residents in Slane have been campaigning for years to have the village bypassed and a move to get that done is currently going through the planning process.
Emergency services were on the scene and  traffic was delayed for some hours.