A 19 year old Australian girl has taken to social media to try and track down her biological father who she believes is a Meath man called Andy, and who she understands may not even know about her.

Ella Lanigan from Sydney contacted the Meath Family History Facebook page and posted the following message.

‘Hi Guys,

Bit of a random one today. My name is Ella Lanigan. I am nearly 19 years old and live in Sydney, Australia with my mum. I am writing this post in search of my father. He was on holidays in Australia (some sort of business trip I believe?) in March 2001. He was staying with a friend in a local suburb (Cremorne). My mother and him both went to an Irish pub called “Scruffy Murphy’s” on the 11th March 2001. I was the product of that night. Unfortunately, my father returned to Ireland (Meath) prior to my mum finding out she was pregnant and only knew his first name, Andy. I have lived in Australia ever since and my mum has raised me to be the woman I am today. I want to force the fact that I am not after anything, I just want to meet my biological father who to this day, does not know I exist. I don’t really know what I am expecting out of this but, please, if you know anything at all (even if you think it’s useless) please reach out to me.

I’m sorry if this is inappropriate. I truly am desperate.

Thank you so much in advance,



Speaking to Meath Live earlier today Ella said, ‘ I just want my dad to know about me I am not looking for anything else’.


Anyone with any information that might help can contact us at via email at meathdaily@hotmail.com and we will put them in touch with Ella.