This may work for certain residents of Meath.

If you live close enough to Dublin airport and are missing the banter and craic of a few pints with mates down your local a group of enterprising Dublin drinkers may have the perfect solution for you.

The drinking buddies have come up with a way to enjoy a few pints together after they figured out a pretty ingenious way of beating the lockdown restrictions that have seen the pubs closed under level 5.
The intrepid beer guzzlers have each forked out for € 9.99 flights to various destinations, clubbed together for the cost of a taxi, and headed to the bar in Dublin airport departure lounge with no intention of ever catching their flights!
The crafty scheme came to light when it got a mention on the Angry Bartender Ireland Facebook page, and the idea has received huge support although one poster did ask how the drinkers got back out again, and was promptly told, ‘We don’t’.
Presumably though the garglers can’t be left there all night so they’d have to be escorted off the premises at some point, and once they are in possession of a valid ticket they can repeat the process over and over.
One of the hundreds of replies the post has received suggested they should actually board the flight, Shane Nolan saying, ‘ Might as well get on the flight and go to a country where you can have a few pints when you are at it.’
Ulick Colgan though did point out a major flaw in the plan, when he pointed out the Guinness in the airport might not be the best, he said, ‘ A great idea ruined by someone ordering Guinness at the airport bar. When will people learn?’
It definitely gives a whole new meaning to the expression ‘A few drinks and you’ll be flying’.