This is a concept from longtime racing car maker Bugatti, the Bolide, writes Brian Byrne.

Not in production … yet … but if it does make it out of the concept garage, it will be a track-only hypercar, capable of speeds in excess of 480km/h.

The company is owned by Volkswagen since 1999, and the concept uses the AWD powertrain of its Chiron racecar and puts it on an extremely lightweight chassis.

The numbers include eight litres, more than 1,800hp, a 16-cylinder ‘W’ format engine with four banks of pots, four turbochargers. Just two seats, reclined.

The roof scoop material is smooth at low speeds, but the surfaces ‘bubble’ when the car gets faster, reducing drag. (No, I don’t get it, either, but I’m sure there’s an engineer or two involved who do.)