Meath Live understands that Meath GAA’s CCC has sought advice from Croke Park on how to proceed with the ongoing investigation into alleged racial abuse of a Cortown/Ultans Gaels under 17 player by a Meath Hill/Drumconrath coach in a game last August.

Sources told us, ‘This isn’t going away any time soon, the question everyone wants to be answered is why the player reacted angrily if nothing had been said to him.

‘This is not a player who has a track record of indiscipline, he has actually played at underage level for Meath and would be regarded as a calm lad so something seems to have been said or done to upset him.

‘A racial abuse investigation is probably one of the more serious ones out there so the CCC wants to be seen to do everything correctly’.

The investigation is taking place at the same time as an English club has launched an online petition requesting the GAA be asked to take racial abuse seriously.

The GAA’s disciplinary system has been called into question by the Roger Casements club in Coventry after one of their players was subjected to racial abuse from an opponent during the Warwickshire SFC semi-final last month.

The offending player received a 48-week ban but,bizarrely, was allowed to play in the final a week later and Roger Casements have hit out at the Warwickshire county board and Croke Park over the handling of the matter in a strongly worded statement saying “these infractions are not being taken seriously enough.”

The petition can be found here;